Pressing System

Pressing System

Pressing system

The system consists of a pressing main engine, a vibration system, a hydraulic system, a vacuum pumping system, an automatic control system and a belt conveying system.
◆The pressing main engine is composed of a base, a vacuum frame, a pressure head, an open column and an upper support.
◆The vacuum frame vacuum pumping unit adopts the water ring type roots pump vacuum unit, the hydraulic lifting, and the positioning of the inlet plate adopts pulse type control.
◆The vibration source on the pressure head is made up of ten 10kW vibration motors (frequency conversion speed regulation) in series with two rows. The excitation force is about 100 tons. The vibration amplitude of the sectional oil pressure can be set on the touch screen, and the process selectivity of the slabs is wider.
◆The operation is flexible with automatic and manual switching functions. According to the thickness and formula of the slabs, the time of vibration can be set according to different quartz slabs, and the time of suppression is about 4-5 minutes.
◆The operation panel uses a touch screen. Control parameters are clear at a glance.

◆The size of the maximum slabs is 3280mm x 1650mm, and the thickness of the slabs can be changed from 20mm to 35mm at will. When changing the thickness of the product, just need to replace the die strake.


Pressed slab
size mm
control mode
Force KN
Motor power
Vacuum set Kw
air extraction
rate (L/S)
lifting height
Press Time
Press rotation
speed r/min
YZ80015~30×800×3280Hydraulic/ air bag3006×5kw11/1506003.5~50~3600
YZ160015~30×1650×3280Hydraulic/ air bag100010×10kw22/4006003.5~50~3600
YZ200015~30×2050×3280Hydraulic/ air bag150010×15kw30/4006003.5~50~3600