Quartz Sand Storage and Distribution System

Quartz Sand Storage and Distribution System

Quartz sand storage and distribution system

● Granular material

1. There are 10 10m³ stainless steel (SS304) material silos. According to the production formula, different granular material can be put into different material silos.

2. The top of the material silos are designed with a blanking door, with a seal cover. Use the crane to lift the ton bag to the blanking door and laying-off after opening the lid.

3. The bottom of the material silos are equipped with manual plug-in valve (which is always open while producing, and can be manually closed when the lower equipment fails or when cleaning). There is a sealed conveyer belt under the sluice damper. The granular material is conveyed to a measuring stainless steel tank by a small belt to complete the automatic blanking of the prescription level.

4. When all the contents of the formula are measured, all the pneumatic butterfly valves under the metering tank automatically open the material to 1# conveyor belt →2# conveyor belt → 3# reversible conveyor belt → the moving feeding trolley → the mixer particle metering tank.