Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Dust collector

●Dust collection & Gas absorption

1.Dust collection design adopted LDM3-192 pulse bag dust collector set, it consists filtration chamber, filtration bag, dust hopper, flopping valve, air blower, air bag and pulse blowing device, electric control cabinet, etc. The chamber is welded structure, each individual chamber adopts hydraulic tank to control the dust cleaning, it does not cause secondary dust, and can conduct maintenance without switching off the equipment. There is a tightly sealed maintenance door on the top.


1)Adopts cutting-edge offline three phases dust cleaning structure, avoids secondary dusts attachment, and thus very reliable.

2)This design uses technology for individual chamber blowing for dust cleaning.

3)It has a timer and can choose to switch to manual operation with editable PLC control.

3.Gas absorption system is consisted of active carbon filtration, plasmas decomposition, spray tower to achieve the highest gas emission standard.